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keats and yeats are on your side, while wilde is on mine
"I am a good Father. I know you. And I promise, you can hear My voice. The world is so noisy, sometimes you have trouble finding My voice in the crowd and the commotion of life. But if you will let Me quieten your heart, My voice will reach you. I will cut through the loudness, the tremendous volume, and the great racket the world keeps clamouring around with. I am the gentle whisper inside you. Can you hear Me? Can you hear My constant love, beating inside you as close as the heart beating in your chest? I am here! Settle your heart. Rest in My love. And hear Me calling to you. I am calling your name.”
"I’ll play with your hair
until the weight of the night
anchors your eyes shut.”
— (via touchmeiamfamous)
"God is always seeking you. Every sunset. Every clear blue sky. Each ocean wave. The starry hosts of night. He blankets each new day with the invitation, ‘I am here.’”
— Louie Giglio  (via freedomfound)
"…cause it’s you that brings the house of this heart down”
— Shane Koyczan