is it too early for christmas carols and peppermint hot chocolates and blasting the air-con so i can wear christmas sweaters?


Written Word Calligraphy

Anonymous said: if you could meet anyone famous who would it be? and what would you say to them??

I have so many fave famous people. I think I would have to say Mariska Hargitay though. I’d love to have coffee with her and just talk all manner of lovely and inspiring things.

Anonymous said: top 5 fave songs atm?

Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran
Afire Love - Ed Sheeran
Blame - Calvin Harris ft. John Newman
Work Song - Hozier
Steal My Girl - One Direction

Anonymous said: favourite food?

Sushi for sure. Followed by fruit salad and pasta.

Anonymous said: why are you fearful of having twins?

I was a twin. Am? Idk, anyway she passed away a few months after we were born so it is a big fear of mine the same thing will happen to me. I’m not afraid of it for myself but for the little ones themselves. 

Anonymous said: what is MZB?

Those would be my boyfriends initials. :)



» Vier de Liefde Fotografie

It’s Sunday night and I’m drinking tea and listening to cute music. Come say hi and ask me fun questions? :3


untitled by coolhandluke on Flickr.

This week has been a hard week. Personal faith wise, relationship wise, life wise. Just been really struggling. But this afternoon I had a nap, went to personal training (exercise endorphins making me feel way good) and now chilling with the youth kids. No one really turned up but having cool times with the usual hang.

Oh and for those who asked KP is just personal training but KP is the name of the trainer/business.


Day 298.365 – Coffee in new glasses by anshu_si on Flickr.